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Revenue Generation

The best way to build revenue with CafePress.com would by opening  a shop for your company. How revenue would be made is by selling products to customers with their company name and brand image on the products. Customers may also like to have their graphics printed on merchandise.

Building Online Community

How you could use your company and CafePress to build an online community is to create a shopping section on your company’s website with items that can be ranked by the users. Cafepress.com also has a network already built with users, which include rss feeds, social networking links and blogs. By joining your company into their already built community, it will help to expand your company brand name. Also by creating newsletters with product updates would help to build a network that merges cafepress.com and your brand.

Incentives, Rewards and Special Promotions

Your company could reward customers with special discounts or free products from our cafepress.com reseller store. A way to make this work would be to offer packages with graphic art work. An example would be a customer purchasing a new logo from your company. With that logo purchase, you can also offer specials and discounts on mugs, calendars, mouse pads and other products built through cafepress.com.

Viral and WOM marketing efforts

By getting involved with the current blog on cafepress.com and joining their social networking sites, your company could easily expand its brand name and image. Simply leaving comments and post within their already built community will easily expand the name of yourbrand through the networks of CafePress which are currently Facebook, MySpace, twitter, Flickr, YouTube and their own web blog.

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