Writing Meta Tags

Example Web Design Company:

Title: Dallas Web Design : Dallas Website Design : Texas Web Design

Description: We are a leading Web Design Company in Dallas Texas. We specialize in innovative website design, pay per click, search engine optimization, graphic design, and Internet marketing. Call Today 1-888-888-8888


The reasons for choosing these tags came from the use of competitor’s sites title tags and descriptions. I also was able to use their keywords and a tool that Google has which compares keywords (Google keyword tool).

With the combination of these tools, I was able to come up with the best keywords for the main focus of my company, which is “Dallas Web Design.” The Google keyword tool helped with coming up with the best words for the title. The competitor’s sites also helped in confirming that they were the best. The method that I chose was to come up with three phrases for my site just as I had seen from most competitors sites. Their sites, instead of having one phrase such as “Dallas web design;” they had multiple phrases such as “Dallas Web Design: Dallas Web Design Company: Dallas Texas Website Designer.”

Google keywords tool showed Dallas website design, Dallas web design, and Dallas web site design as being the most popular searches for the term “Dallas web design.”

What I also did to make sure that the title would be affective, was that I looked at the text on the home page of my company site and made sure that I incorporated that text into the title and description meta tags as best I could.  My goal was to make everything match together rather than to have no keywords within the title or description.

I found the title being the most complex to come up with, as this is the most crucial factor for search results. The biggest determining factor for the title was using Google’s tools to see which were the best search terms and also making sure that those terms were somewhere within the text of the site.

The description was a little easier to come up with as I just made sure to add some keywords in there, but mainly use the company’s bio from the text on the site.



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