Copyrights and File Sharing

My Opinion on P2P Filesharing

File sharing was designed to be an innocent practice of “networks [offering] new singers, bands and movie makers the opportunity to showcase their work free of charge to the public. [In addition,] computer games could be tested before going onto the market. Bugs could be fixed and the product perfected.” (The Pirate Bay, 2010)

Today, if I wanted to purchase a blockbuster movie, a new music album or a piece of artwork online, I could easily go and download it from a p2p network and have it within seconds or minutes based on my Internet speed.

I don’t know how everyone feels about that, but it’s a lot faster than getting dressed and heading to my local movie or music store. Not only that, but I can get it for free or for a small membership fee to that p2p network. Just an Internet connection is all that is needed in most cases.

This practice is used every day by millions of users online who download and distribute copyrighted material that is ruining the future of those working in the artistic and entertainment industry such as my company and myself.

Pirate thieves and gangs who don’t create the work, but distribute the work are making millions of dollars off of the hard work anddedication of its creators. This shouldn’t be legal. It’s thievery 2.0 and it’s getting larger each day that nothing is done about it.

A list of illegal activities that are increasing with p2p file sharing are:

  • Copying and sharing images, music, movies, television shows or other copyrighted material through the use of P2P technology.
  • Purchasing a CD or DVD and then making copies for others.
  • Posting or plagiarizing copyrighted material on a personal Web space.

(Computer Hope, 2010)

Call it whatever you want, shoplifting, stealing, theft or whatever. These networks and users are allowing and promoting illegal use andno one is doing anything about it.

Preventative Measures & Benefits

Nonetheless, file sharing isn’t all bad. Not everyone is selfish and some do use it for its properly designed use. However, until it can be better managed, it should remain an illegal activity. Until all copyrighted material can be stopped from being given away freely, it is considered wrong and should be stopped.

Those that download, distribute and help in the illegal transfers of stolen material should be penalized and prosecuted. If these thugs begin to be charged for their mistakes, most of this could be prevented. Though not everyone will stop this illegal activity, it should at the least be taken seriously and preventative measures can stop some of it from violating copyright laws and the artistic and entertainment industry can begin to restore itself.


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