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Creating a Personal Learning Network

PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. A PLN consist of a few friends you met at college with whom you shared ideas and resources, then after adding in a few of their friends and coworkers, the PLN grows (Digital Learning Team, 2013). Having a PLN is important because it offers up an opportunity to connect with individuals or businesses that could help in developing insight and a difference of professional opinion. A PLN works through sharing experiences and knowledge amongst members within the group. Through a PLN connection, the members can get answers to questions and take advantage of opportunities provided by those within their PLN.

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) reaches its most potential online through social networking platforms, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Through these networks, professionals within a PLN can share personal and professional experiences through short status updates, blogs, photos, and videos. This information can be used as resources to followers and subscribers who have opted to stay connected with the individual or business (Digital Learning Team, 2013). PLN’s began with building relationships with the people that we meet face-to-face. It has however become most prominent in online social platforms where networks can grow tremendously by following or commenting to a friend or professional. Not having a PLN would mean missing valuable information and resources for career or personal knowledge.

Creating a Personal Learning Network

In creating a PLN, the creator must understand the audience. Once the audience is determined, the individual can decide how to create either a professional or personal brand image. In creating a PLN, it must be determined whether you are promoting yourself or your professional knowledge. In my PLN for personal use, I prefer to mention that I am married with kids, I like certain sports, my education background, what I like to do for fun, and I like to talk about religion and politics. With my professional PLN profile, I include a professional photo, and a history of my career and education. With this network, my conversations focus around my industry experience, trends, technology, and education. Each of my networks presents a friendly and inviting tone. My professional pages include selections from my resume and website. My personal profiles include information on what I like and believe.

A Personal Learning Network is a valuable resource that can be used by anyone from a friend to a stranger. A PLN is not only helpful for gaining information, but it is a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to network and share their professional knowledge and experience with those that are interested. With so many opportunities to develop skills and knowledge, having a PLN is essential to advancing and strengthening one’s understanding and education.



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Network Communication

Major trends in technology that could impact communication within your business include; voice over internet protocol (VOIP), web 2.0, and virtual networks. Unlike virtual networks, face-to-face (F2F) meetings provide limited support for global projects and establishments. Within virtual networks, a powerful infrastructure and high-speed data services are required from both network users to help prevent interruption of communication, which is likely on slower connections. Technologies used throughout virtual networks include; email, chat, phone, video conference, group calendars, and other electronic meeting systems. F2F meetings can be good to set the stage for a growing relationship. However, technological communication presents an opportunity for the relationship to continually develop.

Trust has been connected to the success of virtual software communication, and F2F communication is often beneficial in helping to establish trust and social ties. Trust is a requirement when working to build social ties and relationships, but difficult to build at a distance. Consequently, virtual teams have a difficult time establishing relationships and are often more prone to conflict. For global projects, individuals should be acquainted with one another prior to joining in virtual communication considering the original meeting builds trust. Considering most organizations have upgraded their structure to utilize technology and information processing systems, allowing local employees to work and communicate virtually can increase your business’s productivity by lowering delays in communication.

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