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If you’ve ever tried to use an email marketing campaign software, they all have their policies and guidelines. But, should you be subjected to those policies if you never actually send a campaign? Obviously, I talk a lot about the can-spam act in my other entries and making certain that you don’t send an email to someone that never signed up to receive that email. It’s just wrong and can get your email or server shut down if it happens too often.

However, Mailerlite, a company that I recently tried uploading a list to, took this a step further with their policy. Mailerlite will charge you for the number of contacts you want to send your email to and then decide if they actually want to offer you their email marketing service. You see the problem? First, you pay Mailerlite, then they may let you play if THEY decide. Of course, at their discretion and if they like your email list. Because, if they don’t… well, there goes your money. No service is included on your way to a canceled account.

We recently tried to use Mailerlite by uploading an email marketing campaign and purchasing the 10k user tier from Mailerlite. Due to the number of contacts, Mailerlite support and policy needed to approve the 10k list first, which was ok and responsible for Mailerlite to protect their servers. But, here is where it gets manipulated by Mailerlite- in asking for a refund because the company did not default us to sending to a list of 10k, the company did not want to award us the refund. Instead of giving a refund because they couldn’t offer us what we wanted, they instead changed the target to, “well, tell us more about the people you intend to email in this list you have.” As if the list were important, which it should not have been considering we had only reached out to Mailerlite to cancel our account because we had no intentions of using it. At this point, we figured we’d tell them the list was from our partner company, which we found was against their policy. But, again, it shouldn’t matter because we never intended to use Mailerlite’s email marketing service at this point.

Instead of offering a refund, Mailerlite decides to take advantage of this opportunity and states they weren’t going to offer a refund because our list was not approved and went against their policy and refund policy. We understood and asked for a refund as no campaign was actually sent. At that point, Mailerlite continued to argue it was against their policy to provide a refund because the list we uploaded was no good and went against their policy.

Obviously, this didn’t make any sense considering no campaign was actually sent from Mailerlite and we had only uploaded a list of contacts and wanted to cancel the order and not actually use Mailerlite’s service at all. So, why would Mailerlite decide to not refund and then cancel our account for a service we never used and a Mailerlite policy/term we never broke. Where was the harm done? Moreover, why would Mailerlite manipulate the situation as if we hadn’t already asked for cancelation of the order.

My review for Mailerlite email service is 0/5 for their support and policies and fraudulent activity. It seems that Mailerlite’s policy is to steal money and give back at their discretion. Or, should we blame ourselves for telling Mailerlite the truth?

If you’re interested in Mailerlite as a service, use only their free tier. Do not give Mailerlite your money else you jeopardize your campaign and time again Mailerlite’s refund policy.

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