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Call recording is something that I live by. It’s valuable for businesses of all sizes for training, customer service, and performance.

Simply put, I use it not just for employee monitoring, but also for marketing and content when needed. For example, if I record a consulting call, I may want to use that call for a podcast if it has good content. Of course I edit out personal information, but often I have excellent conversations that I like to transcribe or share.

Furthering on the transcribing, if I’m also doing a consultation or interview on the phone where I ask the client questions and they answer those questions for the benefit of adding the information to their plan or strategy, then that recorded call is also a great tool for gathering the information. Through the years, I’ve found that a recorded phone call is much better than any notes that I take.

Increasingly, organizations are opting for cloud-based call recording software as an alternative to premises-based call recording systems. Cloud-based call recording is what’s known as software-as-a-service (or SaaS). It offers transparent pricing, compatibility with existing software, easy management, and simple solutions for data storage and backup.

There are specific laws in place for recording phone calls. The laws tend to vary between states, and they dictate how businesses must approach topics of knowledge and consent before capturing recorded calls, computer usage, email exchanges, or wireless communications.

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