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As a business owner, are you among the 11% of people who finish their to-do lists each day? That’s right, only 11%. The real question is, why has the to-do list become such a menace to the other 89% of society?

I believe it’s because to-do lists inherently work against you. Without prioritization or context, they wreak havoc on your day — especially if you’re running a business or overseeing teams of people.

And speaking of those people… if you’re a leader or supervisor of any kind, your team needs you. But in all likelihood, they are also constantly interrupting you. So are all those dings from your smartphone. (Let’s not even get started on your email inbox!)

Your clients and investors should be getting your time, but a mountain of priority-less interruptions and to-dos are getting it instead. That needs to change; I want to show you how it can.

You literally cannot afford for your productivity to be held down by ineffective tools or held back by distractions. You don’t need to destroy your to-do lists. You just need to redeem them and get back to the real work of your business.

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