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Do customers really need your product or service? Of course not. But, some customers actually do want what your product or service offers. Customers get solicited to by plenty of businesses, and they have more options than they can count. There is rarely anything special about one product over another.

Most customers are fed-up with businesses and being marketed to by companies continually offering the “next big thing.”

Why would a customer choose you? How are you any different from the rest? What makes you so special? Customers have been so beaten down by poor quality businesses and individuals that they much rather watch a do-it-yourself YouTube video, Google a solution, or get advice from friends and family on social media.

You have to give your customers more than a “solution.” They want you to actually listen. Figure out what their real concern is and connect with them emotionally. Don’t try and gain a customer, but develop a solid relationship with your customers. With a growing society of independent customers, if you don’t show your value in the form of a good relationship, your business will fail to grow loyal followers.

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