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So you have your website up and ranking, but hold on I’m willing to bet you’ve forgot a couple things. Oh I know those keywords are exactly how your customer searches because you did preliminary fieldwork, and you hold organic slot 1 for every one of those keywords too. In fact, your digital imagery hammers home your content flawlessly. It is like you have a sure bet won; however, I think not. Why? You are not proactively marketing. See your website is your marketing tool, but you still need to focus on developing a sales and marketing framework that brings opportunities a pulling.

Because today’s competitive Web is more than just putting your best foot forward, ask yourself?

  • Are you an entrepreneur, or are you actually a highly skilled person?

Entrepreneurs undertake risks that a highly skilled person will shun from.

  • What is/are the business goal(s) of your website as well as the goal of your website?

If your website is to sell widgets, then it needs to be tailored to showcase each category of widget you carry along with the various widget SKUs. Likewise, your website goal needs to be clear for the site visitor as to what s/he is expected to do.

  • Is your website going to finance your lifestyle, or are you going to take your company earnings and put them back into your product/service to make it even more salable?

Here needles are you an entrepreneur, or a highly skilled person. Unfortunately, lifestyle does not equate to building a business enterprise.

  • What is your product/service value proposition? Why would John choose your website when Mary’s website provides the same?

Your product story is what will differentiate your product/service from what Mary offers. From this, your marketing material basics as well as sales temper blossom.

sales_with_dollar_signNow if those questions are not hard enough, now think about sales. Yes, that ugly word [work] known as sales. See marketing is not sales, and sales is not marketing. A sale is about building 1-1 relationships where as marketing is about putting out messages for your product/service. Your website is your best marketing tool, and unless you have a banging retail website that is intuitively clear you need a sales master plan.

For example, let’s say your website’s goal is to generate leads. Well, in order to turn those leads into money you need to have a sales strategy. Some of those leads will become customers straightway, while others will take longer. As I stated earlier, sales are about building 1-1 relationships. This is known as your sales cycles, and there will always be a Bob who will be more hesitant than Lucy when it comes to jumping on board with you.

Let me know what you think.

Manco, Darryl
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