I enjoy discussing all types of subjects, and my current projects prove it. If you have questions about marketing, development, and branding, you can use the search feature on my website to find your answers. I try to blog at least once a week, and when I’m not completing projects, you can find me on my other websites:

BuView – http://buview.com
buviewBuView (bue – view) is a free online focus group platform that provides feedback and reviews for products and services provided by small and large companies. It is used by businesses who desire reviews and feedback about their product or service. This website hosts thousands of demographically segmented users who select to review products for beta testing, reviews, and general feedback.

Joomla Nutshell – http://joomlanutshell.com
joomla nutshellA website dedicated to my love for the Joomla platform. Through this website, I share tips and tricks on how to make Joomla work for your project or business. My goal of this website is to teach others how to build and maintain their website with ease by utilizing the simplicity of Joomla. On the site, you will find sample websites, an extension directory, training videos, and templates to help you get started.

Cup of Advice – http://cupofadvice.com
cup of adviceAn online advice column that hands out free life, relationship, business, and spiritual Christian advice. I began this website over 10 years ago, and it has become a excellent resource for individuals seeking advice. Its coffee theme is from my published book “The Barista,” which is a story about a lost man finding Christ.

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