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The Importance of a Website

According to, there are 196.3 billion emails sent every day, and 64 percent of those are spam. According to Salesforce, 95 percent of consumers use email, and 61 percent of emails are opened on smart devices. Email marketing helps to directly market messages to customers and potential customers using email related images.

Is email marketing important?

Email Marketing allows you to stay in-touch with your customer base and helps you use email to your advantage. To collect emails, you should offer your customers a sign-up form to request promotions and sales from your business. There is also the opt-in magnet that is used to create and manage special interest groups. This is great for targeting specific e-mail campaigns for your subscribers.

What about spam?

To comply with anti-spam laws, you need to add an opt-out link to the bottom of every campaign delivered. This allows subscribers to opt-out of future mailing list. Good email marketing reports are easy to use and can tell you how many emails were sent, opened, how many subscribers responded, and much more.

If done correctly through segmenting and triggers, email marketing can be the most affordable and rewarding marketing strategy you implement in your business.

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