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So you took a picture you shouldn’t have on your iphone and now its on all of your iDevices and Computers. What to do now considering you can’t delete images from a cloud? Well, you can. Its not as simple as highlighting and deleting, but its pretty simple. Follow the instructions below in order to delete photos from your iCloud and photo stream… and stop taking pictures you dont want showing up on your apple TV when your parents come to visit.

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First: Delete from iCloud:

1. go to and login

2. click on your name in the upper right corner

3. click “Advanced” tab

4. reset photo stream


The above will remove it from iCloud. in order to delete from your device do the following.



iOS device:

1. Go to: Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream

2. Turn off and then back on your photo stream settings.

3. Done



1. Open program (iPhoto or Aperture)

2. Go to: Preferences > Photo Stream

3. Turn off and then back on your photo stream settings.

4. Done



1. Go to: C:UsersApplePicturesPhoto StreamMy Photo Stream

2. Delete photos in this folder

3. Done


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