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Develop Campaign

I’ll conduct the research and analysis and put together a competitive strategy for your business. I will develop a unique business consulting plan, starting with a traditional and digital marketing strategy, pitch deck, infographic, ebook, or white paper for your business.

Project Manage

Some of what I do requires the use of your in-house team or a third-party vendor to complete work relating to your strategy or plan. I can help monitor the development and implementation of your campaign and make sure that it is on-time and within budget.

Train & Coach

If your goal is to develop or build a team of in-house employees or if you would like one-on-one coaching, I can help make certain that you or your team are updated with the latest trends and innovations in traditional and digital marketing.

Consulting Philosophy

When working with me, you are working with an experienced business consultant. I not only know the process of effective marketing, but I coach you and your team on how and why the process is necessary. My focus and passion is in educating my clients so that they better understand the process and milestones that we will achieve together.

When starting a brand, you must make certain that you are competitive within your industry. If you begin your business journey with a brand that seems cheap, you will look cheap to your customers. I will coach you and your team how to cut corners without it costing you a loss of customers or reputation.

Business Consulting Areas





Business Consulting Services

Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Unique Value Proposition
Key Customer Analysis
Business Risks
Barriers to Entry
Brand Identity
Competitor Comparison
Sales Plan
Cash Flow Assumptions
Website Analysis
Paid Advertisements
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Social Networking
Pricing Strategy
Targeted Consumers’ Budgets
Competitive Facts
Discounted Offerings
Locations and Facilities
Distribution Channels

Speaking & Coaching

My business consulting engagements are focused on convincing, motivating, or otherwise persuading leaders and businesses to change their beliefs, take an action, or reconsider a decision when dealing with the success of their brand.

Most businesses and individuals know what to do, but they just don’t know how to make it happen. What’s next? Where do I start? Can I afford it? Can I do it myself? These are the questions that my consulting methods answer.

I’ve spent years dedicating myself to making sure that my customers are educated in what it is that I do for them. I know that hiring the right dallas business coach for your event is a tough job. My goal is to provide your audience with valuable insight and successful methods for producing positive results and high returns on their investments.

My consulting delivers messages that bleed passion through the use of personal success and failure stories. I understand the struggle of building a business and marketing plan from scratch, and I help motivate and promote my audience to take action.

Marketing Solutions

It’s crucial for an organization to understand why current customers purchase, and why new customers will purchase. Getting a product or service in front of a customer, while complex, is not the end of the sale. They need to purchase. After the purchase, they need to refer a friend to purchase. From a tactical perspective, I teach you and your organizational members and supporters how to identify marketing problems, create a plan of action, and provide you with the knowledge on how to fix them.

Search Engine Marketing

With over a decade as an online marketing consultant and developer, I have created hundreds of successful online brands by simply manipulating words on a website, analyzing, and implementing techniques to enhance search engine visibility. In this lesson, I will explain the key factors in understanding Search Engine Optimization and how to make it work for you and your brand.


If you desire to grow your business and maintain a strong customer base, it starts with a strong design and brand image. I will teach you and your audience how to create an effective brand that satisfies the WOW factor and impresses customers into making a purchase or completing a call to action.

Social Media

Through gaining a personal relationship with your customers, you are telling them that they matter. While a company can do the marketing, it is up to you to keep your customers happy and coming back. The best business is a business that has more repeat and referred customers than new ones. Customer service is about more than putting your logo in their face. It involves you putting a thought in their mind and positive words in their mouths when they speak of you and your brand.

Digital Marketing

I have seen and continue to see businesses and individuals fail at creating successful online marketing strategies. By using my knowledge and education in digital marketing, I teach how not to waste time and resources on campaigns that have no real potential. My teachings include topics on social media, e-commerce, paid advertisements, web design, optimization, blogging, and email marketing.

Consumer Behavior

A large part of developing a brand or reputation is in understanding exactly how to communicate that message to consumers. Your customers are unique, and you need to understand what it is that they want, how they want it, when they want it, and how to give it to them. My goal is to help your audience or team understand what consumers want and how to put consumers’ needs into a language that they understand.

~ I look forward to working with you ~

Your Business Consultant


  Elijah Clark

  Dallas, Texas

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