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~ Helping You Start, Grow, and Manage Your Business ~

Leads, Marketing, and Productivity

Learn what it takes to get sales without being a salesman.

Introvert Selling

Strategies to help build customer experiences that convert to sales.

Neuro Marketing

Limited budget, staff, time, or energy? No problem. Automate it!

Automated Income

High-level business & marketing strategies to help start, grow, and manage your business.

Act Like a Business

Understanding customers and prospects

If you’re a professional — whether an entrepreneur or an executive — you need proven, high-level marketing strategies to really make your business grow, and it all starts with understanding the needs of your customers.

Neuroscience Marketing (Neuromarketing) can help you develop efficient and effective marketing campaigns and strategies with fewer product and campaign failures.

This course will help you understand and identify the neural signals that influence customers’ motivations, preferences, and habits.

Business Startup Strategy Package

Dallas business consultant

Learn what it takes to grow your idea and start your business. Lessons include legal, finances, funding, investors, contracts, employees, and outsourcing.

Business Plan Template

Financial Projections Template

Investor Pitch Deck Template

Act Like a Business Book

Course includes fill-in-the-blanks Word Doc. Business Plan Template, PowerPoint Pitch Deck, and Excel Financial Sheets.

Lead generating for those that hate selling

Through experience as a high-level business & growth marketing consultant in Dallas, I’ve learned that everyone is not a salesman, and does NOT have the gift of convincing people to purchase something they never asked for.

Introvert Selling is about selling in your comfort zone. Yes, you can be successful in business without the uncomfortable networking events and constant rejection.

If you’re anything like most people and have trouble persuading your own parents and family to make a purchase, this course is for you.

Set it and forget it revenue streams

Improve productivity and morale while automating leads and increasing phone calls, walk-ins, and sales.

Business automation, when used correctly, allows businesses and entrepreneurs to run complex campaigns successfully and manage their time and energy efficiently.

Automation is all about streamlining your workload to drop the menial tasks— making repetitive processes much more efficient, and new processes possible.

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