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CompanyEC (CEC) specializes in innovative website design, print, search engine optimization, logo design, animations, marketing and many other business creative services. CEC’ biggest revenue comes from its web design services, which has a target audience of medium and large sized business owners. CEC views its medium sized businesses as companies that are trying to build a larger name for their brand. These owners are looking for a website that is affordable and will help them present themselves appealing to their online consumers. The larger business owners are looking to create a website that functions high and they are looking for a company that has great customer service.

CEC offers many benefits to our medium sized business owners. It attracts this consumer by use of its web design portfolio to provide the customer with the eye-catching design services that it offers. CEC also includes small promotional phrases and testimonials within its websites pages to emphasize the affordability of its services. In addition, our own web design is aesthetically appealing and this should further comfort these business owners to realize that CEC has an eye-for-design. While CEC could promote its “affordable pricing” motto further throughout its website, it chose not to due this in order to gain customer interaction through the completion of a free quote form, contact form, email or phone call to one of CEC’ sales representative who could further promote the brand to the consumer. This method has been proven best and it helps to build consumer confidence (Chaffey et al. 2009, p. 64).

CEC believes its large business consumers to be business owners looking to expand their website image and functionality. Throughout this process, these consumers are also looking to find a company that has the experience to provide for their needs and they are looking for a company with great customer service. CEC promotes its experience through its “About Us” page and knowledge base sections. In addition, its extensive portfolio helps to further promote its experience. Through the use of testimonials and other care statements throughout the website, CEC provides its large business consumers with knowledge of its customer services beliefs, values and work ethics.

CompanyEC prides itself in its previous works, customer service, quality and in price. CEC promotes its company to show that they are the best and that they provide high customer satisfaction with all of its work. In knowing who they are, they look for their customers to have the same integrity and beliefs as they do. They want from their customers, the same as the customers want from them. They don’t just sell a high quality service; they expect high quality service in return. CEC’s marketing strategy is to market toward companies that fit its high-standard criteria. Its marketing strategy includes high promotion of its portfolio, testimonials and work ethics. With this strategy, CEC’ goal is to attract consumers who value higher quality over lower prices. Their current marketing plan is aimed at marketing in areas with high psychographic locations of the types of consumers they are trying to reach.  The researching of their demographics is done through services such as Quantcast, Alexa and other analytics tools (Matt, 2009).


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