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Trends and Innovation

For innovation to be advantageous within your business, you must have a strategy for informing customers on the specific benefits of the trend or innovation in relation to your product or service. Trends affected by customer choices, the internet, social media, and technology have a greater influence on customer behavior than conventional advertising. As a leader, you should develop strategies incorporating a knowledge of trends and areas identifying with technology, internet, innovation, and social media.

Technology Trends. Technology influences customers regarding business sustainability and corporate responsibility. Emerging innovative technology can propel your business to growth by providing a medium for evaluating choice patterns of your customers. The advancement of technology can additionally influence the value of your products and services. Moreover, by using technology, you could develop strategies that decidedly enhance your perceived product value. You can additionally utilize innovative technology to improve marketing research knowledge. For technology to remain beneficial within your markets, your business must have a system for effectively using technology to train and educate customers on the benefits of your product or service.

Technology in Marketing. Marketing is not shaped by what technology can do but instead centers on what the customer will accept, understand, and want. There are three changes that you must consider when creating successful marketing strategies using technology. The first is to move away from market research and instead look toward being able to interpret information extracted from your customers through databases of information. The second change is to move away from traditional advertising and placing more attention on social media for communication. The final stage is to stop looking at marketing as a means of mass markets and move toward building a personal relationship with customers through media outlets.

Network Communication

Major trends in technology that could impact communication within your business include; voice over internet protocol (VOIP), web 2.0, and virtual networks. Unlike virtual networks, face-to-face (F2F) meetings provide limited support for global projects and establishments. Within virtual networks, a powerful infrastructure and high-speed data services are required from both network users to help prevent interruption of communication, which is likely on slower connections. Technologies used throughout virtual networks include; email, chat, phone, video conference, group calendars, and other electronic meeting systems. F2F meetings can be good to set the stage for a growing relationship. However, technological communication presents an opportunity for the relationship to continually develop.

Trust has been connected to the success of virtual software communication, and F2F communication is often beneficial in helping to establish trust and social ties. Trust is a requirement when working to build social ties and relationships, but difficult to build at a distance. Consequently, virtual teams have a difficult time establishing relationships and are often more prone to conflict. For global projects, individuals should be acquainted with one another prior to joining in virtual communication considering the original meeting builds trust. Considering most organizations have upgraded their structure to utilize technology and information processing systems, allowing local employees to work and communicate virtually can increase your business’s productivity by lowering delays in communication.

Smartwaiver Zapier Integration

I have recently started using a waiver system called smartwaiver for customers to sign. I do like the system, but it had a flaw of not integrating with Zapier, a tool used for linking online platforms.

Because of the issue, I have created a Zap that helps links smartwaiver with other tools. If you are interested, visit the link below and get started. You will need your unique API from smartwaiver to use the Zap:

Push Email on iPhone/iPad/Mac/iOS Devices

Because I seem to be the only person that understands how to get true imap push email notifications on an apple device, I decided to share the how to. This tutorial will give instructions on how to get push emails (that mens your emails will arrive in less than 5 seconds after its sent from a third party). The trick here is a combination of using your iCloud @me account and your IMAP or Domain Email account. I’m sure you may already know how to forward your email, but this tutorial will explain how to also send and reply from your @me account while using your IMAP/domain name.

First make sure to sign up for an @me account and forward your IMAP account to your @me account. (don’t ask me how, Google it or ask your email hosting company)

1. Delete any email account you already have setup.
2. Setup a @me account if you dont already have one.
3. On your ios device go to settings.
4. Click icloud, sign in and make sure that “mail” is turned off.
5. Click “mail, contact, calendars”
6. Click “add account” and enter account info for imap account and click “other”
7. Click “add mail account” and enter iCloud/me account info and click “next”
8. For incoming mail server, use host name: >> enter @me email address and password.
9. For outgoing mail server, enter your imap account info.
10. Click next and make sure everything is checked for approval.
11. go back to the account screen and under “IMAP Account Information” where it says “Name, Email and Description” remove the @me email address and replace with your imap email address and save settings and get out of settings.

If the above doesn’t work, then go back and check to make sure everything stuck.

The end result is that you will be able to send, receive and reply from your imap account all while also getting push notifications.

You can also do the same thing on your iMac or Macbook or MacBook Air mail app.

The thing to understand is that the incoming mail server must be your @me account and the outgoing server must be your IMAP account.

If you have trouble, just be sure to read these instructions carefully and try again. You may have to remove your email accounts and redo them at first. Be sure to disable mail from your iCloud settings as well.

Feel free to ask questions below, but make sure you first carefull read the instructions. 

Turn off annoying Facebook birthday notifications on iPhone iOS

If you have already disabled the notifications in your phone settings > notifications, then this is how to turn off via your Facebook app.

  1. Go to your facebook app and to the newsfeed area.
  2. At the bottom right, click the “more” link
  3. Scroll down and click on Settings.
  4. Click notifications
  5. Click birthdays, then uncheck to turn off.

That is all and good luck.

iPhone 6 Review – First Thoughts

My first thought was, “wow,” this looks nice. Then I went to set it up and after it was all done, I looked at it again, put it on the charger and got back to work. As a developer, I had access to ios8 months ago and besides the look of the phone, the real show is ios8. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything left for me to do with the phone unless I wanted to play with ios8, which by now is pretty old.

Is it worth the upgrade?
Well, if you want the latest looks as I do, then go for it. Else, you can just upgrade to ios8 and experience the difference.

If you’ve been wondering if you should sign up with a 2 year contract or use AT&T’s NEXT, then it just all depends. I personally like my contract. But its because of one factor that no one is mentioning when looking at the prices; the trade-in value. So whatever your total cost is for either device, you have to give the phone back to your provider at the end of the monthly contract. On a 2 year contract, you simply sell it and make some of your money back which is usually between $100-$250.

To check out which plan you should get, AT&T has a calculator so you can decide which is best for you.

Mac Mail – Custom Email Signature in Mountain Lion

I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out how to create a custom html signature for mail on Mountain Lion. After testing and research, I found the below instructions to be the best method. There are many others, but this method is free and easiest.
  1. Open Mail
  2. Go to Preferences > Signatures
  3. Create a new signature (no need to customize it here)
  4. Quit Mail
  5. Open Finder
  6. Select Go > Go To Folder
  7. Go to the folder: ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures/
  8. Select the latest .mailsignature file (sort by time if needed)
  9. Open file in textwrangler or another editor.
  10. Within this file you will notice an open and closed body tag with content in between. Remove that content and insert your html code (without the html, header, and body tags).
  11. Save the file
  12. Go back to the finder and right click the file and select “Get info”
  13. Place a checkmark in “Locked” (you must lock the file so that it doesn’t get overwritten)
  14. Open mail

Disable iTunes Controls on Mac Keyboard

I’ve just become a fan of Spotify and one thing that I’ve been having trouble with on the Mac is trying to bypass iTunes always opening when I click the Play/Pause button even with Spotify open. 

The workaround below with allow you to disable the iTunes controls on the keyboard and will instead work for spotify or whichever other music application is open.

The solution I have found to fix this issue to:

1. Open Terminal
2. Place one of the codes below into Terminal:

TO DISABLE iTunes Keyboard controls:
sudo chmod a-x /System/Library/CoreServices/
killall -9 rcd
TO RE-ENABLE iTunes Keyboard controls:
sudo chmod a+x /System/Library/CoreServices/

3. Problem Solved!

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