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Let me help you gain new customers

I know that you have a great business with great ideas to gain new customers. But sometimes, as business owners, we get overwhelmed with trying to do everything including sales, billing, collections, customer service, HR, and then fail to do what we love most.

Let me and my team help you by doing the research and analysis, which will give you a solid plan to follow and will help present your business or idea properly to customers, investors, or as a blueprint for you and/or your team to follow. We can help you identify marketing opportunities, minimize risks, and discover the true potential of your business and product/service.

Market research is an invaluable investment that helps save money by eliminating guess marketing. Me and my team of MBA and DBA researchers and writers work tirelessly for our customers to develop and conduct Marketing Strategies, Business Plans, Investor Pitch Decks, Grant Writing/Proposals, and general Market Research.

The main items we include in our research plans and strategies include:
– Industry/Market Overview
– Competitor Analysis
– Customer Insight
– Growth Opportunities
– Business Recommendations

The resources, time, and finances you spend on hiring us to develop your business plan and complete analysis will come back to you many times over in dollars earned and failures avoided.

Destroying your to-do list

As a business owner, are you among the 11% of people who finish their to-do lists each day? That’s right, only 11%. The real question is, why has the to-do list become such a menace to the other 89% of society?

I believe it’s because to-do lists inherently work against you. Without prioritization or context, they wreak havoc on your day — especially if you’re running a business or overseeing teams of people.

And speaking of those people… if you’re a leader or supervisor of any kind, your team needs you. But in all likelihood, they are also constantly interrupting you. So are all those dings from your smartphone. (Let’s not even get started on your email inbox!)

Your clients and investors should be getting your time, but a mountain of priority-less interruptions and to-dos are getting it instead. That needs to change; I want to show you how it can.

You literally cannot afford for your productivity to be held down by ineffective tools or held back by distractions. You don’t need to destroy your to-do lists. You just need to redeem them and get back to the real work of your business.

It’s okay to disappoint people

Do you ever do things just because you don’t want to miss something or disappoint anyone?

Now that Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is actually in our society’s vocabulary, I need to tell you how much of a hindrance it is to your personal development and professional results. When you show up for everything and are accessible to everyone, you wave goodbye to a key asset: margin.

FOMO often makes us say “yes” to opportunities we should really ignore. We’ve all been in situations where we think, “Why did I ever agree to this?” Once you get past the fear that saying “no” will damage your success, you can capitalize on the right opportunities.

Take the time today or this week to determine who needs access to you and who doesn’t — and how to disappoint people for the right reasons so that you can do what matters.

Take some time off and play

Studies show us that it’s true. But in a task-focused American culture, our time for play and rest is shrinking considerably. Top professionals boast of their lack of need for sleep as they glorify the drive to get things done. So, our work time bleeds over into our rest time, but something bad is happening: it’s not making us any more productive, and it’s wreaking havoc on our health.

I want you, and your business and relationships need you, to set aside some play, rest, and “think time.” If you want to escape a burned-out lifestyle — and become healthier and more satisfied than ever before–I suggest you give your body and mind what it craves.

What to do when you really want to quit

When your first plan to accomplish your goals doesn’t work — or even your second, third or fourth plan — do you feel like a failure for having to change it up?

You shouldn’t get discouraged when this happens, although many people do. Much to the chagrin of high achievers like me, you simply can’t plan for everything. Instead, your ability to persist in spite of unseen obstacles — and your willingness to change tactics — can help you reach the finish line.

What do you do when you get stuck in the middle of something and you really want to quit?

Maybe you know that you should probably keep going, but you don’t know how. You need to come up with methods to succeed, especially when difficult circumstances are bearing down on you. Among other things, learn the power of persistence, using your “yes” and “no” to stay focused, and resting and recharging are critical.

Are you selling too cheap?

If you have great prices, that is awesome, but is that what you want to be known for? Many businesses that I have consulted for, boasted their low prices but hated the fact that customers would only purchase products on discount. Those businesses failed to sell products at a reasonable margin and often could not afford other expenses including employees, marketing, and general operational expenses. It’s great that your customers love your low prices, and you have a significant amount of customers, but if your customers are the only ones winning, then that is not good for your business.

Most customers – the ones you want – look at your product or service as an investment. That’s a very different mindset from that of customers who simply want to buy a product at the lowest cost possible. It is your responsibility to make your OVERALL value the focus of your business and not just your low prices. You may lose customers in the process, but you can help your business and life become sustainable. It’s time that you focus on having high-quality customers rather than a high-quantity of customers.

Defining your customers’ needs

You know your services are great. You’re networking, and you’re attracting plenty of prospects. But no matter how many people you talk to, they’re not consistently buying your product or service. You’re ready to land sales, and you can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

Stop right there! If it feels like you’re running like a hamster on a wheel beside lines of prospects, you’re not using your time effectively. And nothing lessens your chances for success than that. An effective marketing campaign is focused and specific, tailored to the clients that understand your value and are excited to work with you. These clients are willing to pay what you are worth because they know you have just what they need.

Click here if you haven’t already gotten your free business analysis, which will help you discover how to define, in detail, your ideal client so you can spend your time focusing on the right prospects for you!

What to look for in your business analysis

Based on questionnaires obtained by the opinions of marketing experts, it was determined that marketing analysis were a paramount factor in business success. A marketing analysis can improve marketing management and business problems. This is done by assessing and evaluating the company’s marketing ability, effectiveness, threats, and opportunities. A marketing analysis can be a valuable tool in discovering potential risks within the company’s activities.

A problem often found in businesses is that they don’t conduct analysis, and within the middle of their marketing efforts, they realize they have no real plan or way to monitor the effects of their marketing campaigns. Having a plan of action helps pace and organize marketing efforts.

Think like a customer

To sustain a relationship with a customer, you’ve got to think like a customer. Every time you visit, call, or send an invoice to your customer, consciously or unconsciously, your customers are asking themselves a bunch of questions like: why did I hire these guys or purchase this product? Do I still need them? Is this worth what I’m paying? Am I making progress? Am I seeing the results they promised? Is this the best company to purchase from?

Remember, it’s usually many little things that add up to the decision to terminate a relationship. If you are aware of, and address those issues from the start and keep focused on satisfying the customer throughout the relationship, you’re in a much better position to sustain the relationship. Instead of only sending customers invoices and questions, send them thank you letters and random gifts to help balance things out.

Keeping your customers satisfied

Keeping customers satisfied requires:
• Keeping customers engaged in the sales process and current in the market.
• Educating customers on why they should choose you over your competition.
• Knowing the needs of your customers (through market research and testing) and satisfying those needs.

Not every customer is destined to be a life-long customer – but if you follow the tactics above, both you and your customer will be set up for a happy and productive relationship.

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