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~ Template for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Established Businesses ~

Business Plan Templates

The resources, time, and finances you spend on a high-quality business plan template will come back to you many times over in dollars earned and rejections avoided.

30+ page fill-in-the-blank business plan ready download

Business Plans

For presenting your business to investors and supporters

Investor Pitch Deck

Visually appealing plan for SBA, banks, and investors

Business Pitch Plan

Monthly and Yearly revenue financial statements

Financial Statements

business clients

Fill-in-the-Blanks Business Plan

business plan template

30+ page executive business plan template that works for any business. The downloadable template includes fill-in-the-blank data and detailed instructions for each section and offers an additional financials Excel workbook with print-ready financial statements.

Easy to complete. SBA and investor-ready for approval. When you need to make a simple change, just open the Word document and enter your data.

business plan template

~ Everything you need to know and grow your business ~

Business Plan Template Areas

Business Objectives
Mission Statement
Guiding Principles
Keys to Success
Products/Services Overview
Unique Value Proposition
Warehousing and Manufacturing
Inventory Management
Future Products/Services
Industry Analysis
Market Size
Barriers to Entry
Competitive Comparison
Key Customer Segments
Market Tests
Target Market Segment Strategy
Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Growth Opportunities
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Strategy/Positioning
Pricing Strategy
Social/Digital Marketing
Sales Strategy and Forecast
Organizational Structure
Management Team
Personnel Plan
Strategic Alliances
Important Assumptions
Start-Up Costs
Source and Use of Funds
Key Performance Indicators
Business Risks
Break-Even Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Profit and Loss
Cash Flow
Balance Sheet

Pitch deck template for investors and supporters

A simplistic approach that helps you quickly present your business or growth idea to investors and shareholders. (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Industry/Market Overview

Showcase the trends and potential of your industry.

Competitor Analysis

Present your unique value(s) over the competition.

Growth Opportunities

Display financial awareness and growth potential.

The Pitch Plan

There is no other plan on the market that functions as both a pitch deck and a business plan. The pitch plan is a unique product offered only by EC & Associates and will attract both banks and investors. The visually appealing pitch plan is designed to showcase your business ideas and goals so that they grab the attention of the reader.

What’s Included
This exceptional plan will not cause a loss of quality. The pitch plan includes the same sections as a normal business plan. There is no need to purchase both a pitch deck and a business plan when you can have one that does it all.

Glad that you shared this plan. Took me 3 weeks just to get 2 pages of research done for my escape room. Great template. Covers everything I need for my investors. I’ll be purchasing your pitch deck also.

— Marcus S.

Financial Statements

A financial analysis can assist in the growth of your business weighing the effect of certain decisions, such as borrowing, investing, and hiring. The financial statements template will help you analyze your financial data and discover possible weaknesses and problem areas to optimize productivity, sales targets, and financial goals. (Microsoft Excel)

The Monthly and Yearly Revenue Charts showcase your business’ revenue, Financial Highlights, Business Milestones, Personnel, Start-Up Capital, Financial Ratios, and More. Including:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flows
  • Break-Even Analysis

Business plan financials include a 3-Year Projected Financial Analysis. Have your business plan ready with everything needed for Investors and SBA bank loans.

Auto Populated Financial Graphs and Charts

Monthly & Yearly Revenue

Chart showcasing the business’ revenue.

Break-Even Analysis

Find out how much money is needed to break even.

Financial Highlights

View your yearly income, expenses, and net profit.

Business Milestones

Outline the next steps for your business.

Business Plan Financial Template

Capital Budget
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Basic Setup
Start-Up Capital
Loan Amortization
Financial Ratios
Sales Forecast
BreakEven Analysis
Market Analysis
Print Ready – Yr
Print Ready – Mo
Notes & Assumptions
Personal Finances

Do-it-Yourself Business Plan Course

Learn what it takes to grow your idea and start your business. Lessons include legal, finances, funding, investors, contracts, employees, and outsourcing.

Executive Business Plan Template

Financial Analysis & Projections Template

Investor Pitch Deck Template

Act Like a Business Book

Digital copy of Act Like a Business. Think Like a Customer. Courses include templates. Virtual or phone coaching sessions.

Glad that you shared this plan. Took me 3 weeks just to get 2 pages of research done for my escape room. Great template. Covers everything I need for my investors. I’ll be purchasing your pitch deck also.

— Marcus S.

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