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If you found this blog, then you must have the question of which CMS program to use. The answer really depends on who you are and what type of design skills you have.


Use WordPress if your programming skills aren’t all that high. WordPress sites are generally good for out-of-box designers and programmers. There won’t be much to tweak and the best bet for creating a WordPress site in my opinion is to simply get a template. Don’t waste time trying to build it yourself. Just get a template and tweak it to your liking.

Used Best For: Blogging, Simple Sites.



Use Joomla if you have programming skills, but not much. The reason that I like Joomla is because there are far more extensions to get what you want. This CMS system is good for higher end websites on a budget. You can easily build great advanced websites such as directories and social networks right within Joomla without having to spend tens of thousands on it. Use this CMS if you need something more advanced than WordPress and you have good programming skills.

Used Best For: Blogging, Good Website, Advanced Web Builds


Zen Cart:

Zen Cart is great for smaller shopping cart websites. One of the reasons that I like this platform is that it’s easy and has many plugins to use with the website build. While I don’t care too much for the backend controls, as they are a bit messy, Zen Cart does get the job done. However, Zen Cart is my last go to when I need to build an ecommerce site. Based on the newer CMS platforms on the market, Zen Cart is far behind its competitors that are updated to the latest techniques and design.

Used Best For: Ecommerce, simple website.



I like Magento for advance shopping cart websites. While Zen-Cart is good as well, Magento allows for a cleaner build and better backend interface that competes with the professional platforms on the market. Great for an advanced shopping cart that needs a good website built around it as well. This platform allows for more features such as product zooming, color wheel search and comparing products.

Used Best For: Ecommerce advanced sites.


Overall, as you may already know, I like Joomla the best. While it may not compete or be better than some of the platforms listed, Joomla does have the most versatility. It can be a little bit of each of the platforms. In a nutshell, Joomla allows for better upgrading. For instance, if you have a client who wants a blog website now, but later wants to add a shopping cart to their website, Joomla would be best for the job as it could easily be upgraded later. Naturally for a blog, I would go with wordpress, but wordpress wouldn’t have the ability to upgrade itself later into a fully advanced shopping cart as Joomla can. The same goes with Zen Cart trying to become a normal site or have a blog.


My Choices of CMS Platforms in order are:

  1. Joomla
  2. Magento
  3. WordPress
  4. Zen Cart

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