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CMS Benefits

Having fresh content is mandatory if your intent is to drive traffic to your site to gain new and repeat customers. With a CMS, you can keep your website updated with the latest news, articles, products, and services. A CMS provides you with full control to manage the content on your website.

Updating. A CMS allows your website to have new content added on a regular basis and be easily upgraded with the latest technology as it becomes available. Additionally, a CMS gives you full control so that you can easily add new updates and blogs to your website without having to call a programmer to do it for you.

With a CMS, you can easily implement, update, and manage:

  • Article publishing
  • Website forums
  • Photo galleries
  • Surveys and polls
  • Interactive event calendars
  • Complex data entry forms

Management. Through the use of a CRM, website content can be managed through a simple user interface that allows for quick task completion. The administration area of a CRM is often easy to use and can involve multiple access levels for various employees and management control.

Corporate Governance

A stakeholder is a group or individual that assist with structuring a business, and can influence the decision making process. Stakeholders often focus on multiple levels of a business depending on their position within the firm and their knowledge of the business and market. Shareholders have a general goal of maximizing business profits and their wealth, and can also influence the decision making process.
In the U.S., organizations primarily focus on generating profit for the shareholders. Within other countries such as the continental Europeans and Asian systems, shareholders tend to focus more on the interest of those within the corporation. Examples of stakeholders can include employees, customers, and suppliers. Shareholders can also be stakeholders, which means they can be directly affected by the organizations performance. Shareholder value has often been considered a way to measure corporate value. 
Shareholders can stimulate growth through offering rewards to managers, CEOs, and other senior executives. Shareholders also have the influence to elect board members with similar interest to represent their goals and help generate wealth. Business managers have a responsibility to keep shareholders happy. However, managers should first seek to satisfy the needs of the business. To effectively grow share prices, managers must exceed expectation or develop a new value proposition for the organization. As with most all businesses, the core offering will inevitably slow in generating growth. To maximize value, the organization should expand its development with new opportunities.
Wealth can be maximized by making strategic decisions and acquisitions that can maximize long-term earnings. While stakeholders view the organization as primarily serving the parties involved, shareholders value an organizations success based on societal wealth including share prices, dividends, and economic profits. Neither focusing all resources on profits or organization members is ideal and have their risks. At some point, both must matter in order to produce organizational value.
Finding a financial investor is paramount. However, it is not worth the money to have an investor that is not dedicated to the organizational goals or ethical in doing business and achieving success. Unfortunately, ethical problems stem from a lack of ethical standards and education. Additionally, moral reasoning is developed throughout adulthood and that leaders are often unethical because business graduate education fails to teach the subject. Nonetheless, as a business leader and decision-maker, it is my responsibility to have standards and remain committed to my personal ethics no matter who or how much money is involved.
Being able to satisfy and relay the company’s initiative to each group will generate and maintain a positive relationship. The objective in building the relationship is to find a common ground where both stakeholders and shareholders can agree. To find a common ground, it may be necessary to go beyond project task to find returns on investments for each party involved. Furthermore, by satisfying both stakeholders and shareholders, it builds trust between investors and decision-makers.  If the needs of the stakeholders are not addresses, company performance and shareholder returns could be adversely affected. Having trust creates cooperation and advantages for everyone involved.  By building trust and going beyond the needs of stakeholders and shareholders, firms can generate a commitment and organization bond. 

Philosophy Of A Website For Visitors

Website visitors want clear immediate direction on what they should do once your website is pulled. Wordy text, meaningless graphics, and multiple differing calls to action, are the ingredients to cause visitor bafflement and bounce. Your website should have a clearly defined goal, and that goal should be straightforward for your website visitors.
  • Is your website to produce leads? If so, then the path for conversion is for the visitors to signup in as few clicks as possible.
  • Is your website to have visitors call you? If so, then the path for conversion is for the visitors to call.
  • Is your website ecommerce? If so, then the path for conversion is for the visitors to get to your thank you page in as few clicks as possible.
  • Is your website informational? If so, then the path for conversion is for the visitors to get at what they want in the shortest time and path.
Unluckily, there is no easy fix when website clutter exists. Overhauling a website begins when the visitors’ perspective is taken. Demographic user testing is the starting point. Learned insights shed light on your website’s:
  • intuitiveness
  • messaging
  • conversion paths
  • content value
  • overall context
Identified insight variables become your blueprint for delivering a predictable goal designed website for your visitors. See on the web, your visitor is always right. By constructing your website for visitor usability, you in turn increase visitors’ desired action as well as upgrade your website’s SERPs, which is a bonus win for your bottom line.

Market growth potential

Know Your Potential

Knowing your market growth potential can enhance the implied value of your business if you are prepared. Market growth examines where the market for a business is going and whether it is moving in a different direction from where it has been. It also defines how the business can use its strengths to take advantage of this growth.

Knowing your market growth potential means to understand a setback or increase in product demand and have your next move prepared. For example, if a new technology is coming to the market, you need to make certain that you are ready and equipped to implement the technology into your business to satisfy those hard-to-please customers.

Unique Value Proposition:

Your company should be able to test important benefits and needs through gaining feedback from current, previous and potential customers on their view of the company. Through this method you should be able to find flaws within the company and make the needed corrections. On average, a company’s website should get redesigned 1 – 2 times per year based on your customer feedback. This will help you keep up with the latest styles and designs of today and tomorrow and compete within the highly competitive market.

Another valuable method to use is continuing to view your competitors online and offline presence. By reviewing forums, complaint boards and competitor websites for credibility, design and customer testimonials, you will be able to find flaws and/or gain valuable insight on your design and customer service.

To track the affect of your user website experience, use online tools such as Google analytics, Quantcast and Alexa to track user navigation, user stay, user region, and user search keywords.

Another way to test the UVP is through the use of customer feedback forms which you should have implemented into your website or within your company. This is proven to work with other companies and you should work on creating a valuable customer feedback forms that you can use to help create a more successful company through continually finding and satisfying the needs and wants of your customers.

Gaining Attention

Cost leadership is a term used to describe a strategic concept that entails creating a competitive advantage in a business/sales market by producing a quality product or service at a better value compared to the competition. Although cost is in the name, value is the major factor in cost leadership. The quality of your product or service may influence your overall value and increase or lower the cost at which you sell your products or services. You don’t always have to sell at the lowest price or match prices, but you should offer competitive prices and value that is beneficial to both the business and the targeted consumer. Most industries are polluted with low-cost and cheap alternatives, so it may be difficult for customers to understand why you don’t lower your price. Your marketing materials and your staff will need to get across to your customers that you offer a better service than your competition. For example, relay to customers that your product is backed by services that add value to the product such as expert advice and dedicated personnel, bundling capabilities, frequent-buyer rewards programs, and education. Base your marketing on understanding the customer’s needs, and adapt and sell toward that point. For instance, a customer who wants to keep costs down is unlikely to select an expensive company to purchase from. For customers seeking quality results, you should focus your sales pitch on your strengths by providing examples, references, and knowledge.

Some methods for influencing customers to purchase include:

  • Persuade buyers they will achieve worthwhile results.
  • Minimize the perceptionof risk by demonstrating experience, building trust, and inspiring confidence.
  • Connect with customers by listening to, and addressing, their needs and desires from your business.

The difficulty of gaining the attention of customers is not whether you are competitive, but how well you know your customers. Trying to please everyone is a difficult task. Your prices will never be cheap enough, and your quality will never satisfy all customers. By focusing your attention on your key customer demographics, you can put together a competitive package at an affordable price for your desired customer group.

Being Courteous

Many times, your customers may not be satisfied with your business or with the product or service that you offer. It is essential that you provide your customers with quality customer service during these times. Delivering positive and courteous responses act as a catalyst in driving customer satisfaction.

Availability. Most customers prefer human responses compared to automated emails or messages. Hence, it is important for your business to be available to customers with queries and needs. Being available also promotes emotional bonding between customers and your business which is beneficial for establishing and building a profitable business.

Responsiveness. Your business should always have prompt, responsive, and experienced employees serving your customers. If a potential customer calls and asks about some critical product feature and your employee fails to properly explain it or is non- responsive, the customer would likely contact a different business who will provide them with the answers to their questions.

Current. Always remain current with, and ahead of, your industry and changes in your market. Strategies, services, and products often advance or deteriorate with time due to competition and the higher cost of innovation. Consequently, your business should remain current and relevant to your customers and potential customers.

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