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Business Card Template

I recently just created a new business card and because my hard drive was wiped for some reason, I can’t restore my old files. For this business card I had to create a new template for it that I would like to share with everyone. It’s a simple layered Photoshop template that will help you with your sizing and borders. I always found helpful templates like this useful in my beginning days when I didn’t really understand the size or length of the borders of a business card. It’s 300dpi and CMYK format for a normal 3.5 x 2in business card. This is a great simple design to help you out. Feel free to download the attached business card template.

Website with Photoshop

I often get asked how to build websites from customers who are graphic designers. Though it is a good question, its sometimes odd when I have the graphic artist send me the layout that they want, but just want me to build it into a functional website. What I find interesting about this is that I believe graphic artist and web designers are one in the same. Web designers are just graphic designers who know a little something about html.

Within this video, I have outlined how to build a website using Adobe Photoshop. I believe it will be an interesting discovery for many Photoshop experts who felt they knew nothing about building a website. Check out the video for further details.


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