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Google Voice – Firefox 4.0 Extension Addon

This is the extension built by Chad Smith. I have just updated it to work with the latest versions of Firefox. This addon allows you to use your Google Voice number to call phone numbers in website pages using a click-2-call feature. Only works in firefox version 4 and under.

Once downloaded, open it with firefox by going to File>Open

Also, “Like” this site using the link below to stay updated when a newer version is ready.

Click Here To Download

Joomla Phoca Gallery 2.8 – Remove Powered by Phoca Gallery

Images View

starting at line 687 = return “div style=“tex’…
remove the entire open to close div tags
should now read: return ‘ ’;

Categories View

components/com_phocagaller y/views/categories/tmpl/default.php.
starting at line 11. $tmpl[‘def’] = ‘Power’.’ed by …
remove the entire open to close div tags
should now read: return: $tmpl[‘def’] = ‘ ‘;

ARTiO Joomsef 3.9.2. Remove Powered By;

Remove powered by “Joomla SEO powered by JoomSEF“

  1. Login to your FTP
  2. Go to folder “components”
  3. Go to “com_sef” > open joomsef.php file to edit
  4. Go to line “2534” – or search for $cacheBuf2
  5. Remove open to closed div content after $cacheBuf2 =
  6. Should read $cacheBuf2=‘ ‘;
  7. Done

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