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AI Marketing Automation Analyze • Strategize • Workshop

High-level marketing automation consultant, mentor, and advisor to entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, students, and professionals.

Sales, Marketing, and Operations

I partner with overwhelmed entrepreneurs, managers, and employees to help them leverage AI and automation to boost sales, increase productivity and decrease operational expenses.

Proven Success

Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing, Multi-business owner, TCU Professor, Author, Forbes AI Contributor, and Air Force Veteran with experience in research, strategy and automation.

Powered by AI and Automation

I specialize in leveraging data-driven insights and advanced technology to optimize marketing performance, employing smart automation and AI for enhanced efficiency.

Identifying and motivating leaders and entrepreneurs

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Dr. Elijah Clark is a keynote speaker who makes marketing with AI and automation relatable, practical, and inspiring. By sharing insightful research and stories, Dr. Clark leaves audiences informed, enthused, and empowered to explore and drive positive change through AI marketing automation.

act like a marketer. think like a machine book

High-level business & marketing strategies to help build positive experiences for your customers

AI Marketing Automation

Reputation Management

Customer Relationships

Branding and Advertising

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Automate Your Marketing And See The Difference It Makes

Focus on What Matters

Automate repetitive, mundane marketing tasks to free up time and energy to focus on higher-value work that requires human insight and judgment.

Improve Productivity

Studies show that automation can increase business productivity by up to 78% by streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency.

Cut Cost by 10%-90%

Automating manual processes can reduce associated labor costs by 10-90%, saving businesses significant time and money through improved efficiency.

Revolutionizing Communication for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Transforming Sales Dynamics

AI and automation revolutionize sales by enhancing lead generation and customer engagement. AI analyzes customer data for high-quality leads, focusing sales efforts on likely prospects. It also predicts customer needs, aiding in relevant solution offerings. Automation eases routine tasks, like scheduling and follow-ups, allowing sales teams to focus on relationships and closing deals, thus improving sales performance and revenue.

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

In social media marketing, AI and automation add sophistication and effectiveness. AI examines consumer behavior and online trends for targeted campaigns. Automation handles tasks like email campaigns and social media, ensuring audience engagement. AI’s role in personalizing content increases message relevance and impact, enhancing marketing precision while reducing costs.

Streamlining Customer Relationships and Engagement with Automation

AI Marketing Automation Defined

Marketing AI and Automation is all about streamlining your team’s workload to drop the menial tasks that robots are better at performing. Making repetitive processes much more efficient and new processes possible. Marketing automation is the use of technology to perform repetitive, routine tasks and marketing processes automatically that were previously done manually. It helps campaigns operate more efficiently and productively. Key benefits include improved speed, engagement, consistency, and scalability, as well as lower costs.

Automation enables scaling complex strategies with limited staff. It frees up employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Common applications include automating workflows in customer engagement, sales, and social media. With thoughtful implementation, automation can transform small business marketing, engagement, and competitive advantage.

Skilled • Trained • Certified

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Think Like a Machine
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~ AI Marketing Automation ~

Research Analysis & Deployment Strategy

“Marketing automation can be a challenging task without a clear technology deployment strategy in place. However, only 32% of businesses and leaders have a documented plan for success when it comes to marketing and AI integration” —Forbes

I just want to take a minute to tell you that your consulting strategy is truly impressive! When I implemented your strategies, my productivity increased allowing me to be of service to even more.

— Small Business Development Center Advisor

~ Helping You Strategize, Grow and Automate Your Marketing ~

Leads, Marketing, and Productivity

Learn what it takes to get sales without being a salesman.

Introvert Selling

Strategies to help build customer experiences that convert to sales.

Neuro Marketing

Limited budget, staff, time, or energy? No problem. Automate it!

Automated Income

High-level business strategies to help you start, grow, and manage your business.

Act Like a Business

Synergy Workshops

Improving Culture and Performance

Dr. Elijah Clark is a highly regarded thought leader who has developed unique gamification strategies for enhancing group behaviors, performance, and synergy using semiotics-based techniques that have been sought after and implemented in over 100 organizations across Texas.

Dr. Clark’s success in improving organizational dynamics has made him a highly sought-after consultant for businesses of all sizes looking to take their organizational culture and performance to the next level.

“We’ve experienced many workshops around the country and can confidently say that this is at the top. We couldn’t recommend anything better for building a cohesive team and having fun in the process.”

— American Airlines

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