Dallas Business Consultant Elijah ClarkDallas Business Consultant Elijah Clark
    by Dr. Elijah Clark

If your looking for a price calculator, check this one out.

I just created the code to have the ability to give a good ballpark figure of web design projects. I ran into a problem when having customers call in for an estimate. With this form, I can now ask the questions and get results faster.

You can view a demo of the script calculatorĀ Here

Download the script by CLICKING HERE

Dr. Elijah Clark

Dr. Elijah Clark

Elijah is a business management consultant. He writes about business marketing, development, branding, technology, and how to develop and use marketing strategies and techniques effectively.
Dr. Elijah Clark
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  • I know this has been posted two years ago, but is there any chance to get that script now?
    P.S. download link is broken …
    Thanks a lot in advance!