McKenzie Corporation’s Capital Budgeting

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4 pages of double-spaced content with 1 reference in APA format by Corporate finance (10th ed.). Written in 2016. Word docx format including charts, tables, and calculations. Written by DBA candidate. 4.0 grade.



The founder of McKenzie Restaurants, Inc. is considering opening several new restaurants. The CFO for the company has created a financial budgeting analysis to determine whether the expansion was feasible. After evaluating the expansion option, the CFO determined the restaurants’ success depends on the state of the economy over the next few years.

Assignment Questions
The McKenzie Corporation’s Capital Budgeting mini case asks to provide solutions for the company’s expected value of equity, expected debt, and expected value creation over the next year with and without expansion. Additionally, the mini case asks to provide details into the company’s expected bond value, future borrowing needs, and financial options.

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