Cash Flows at Warf Computers, Inc.

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1 page answering 3 questions and 2 appendix pages with statement tables. Includes double-spaced content with 1 reference in APA format. Content from Corporate finance (10th ed.). Written in 2016. Word .doc format including charts, tables, and calculations. Written by DBA candidate. 4.0 grade.



Warf Computers, Inc. started with a small initial investment from its founder and associates (Ross, Westerfield & Jaffe, 2013, p. 42). The company would like to expand its newly developed product by seeking outside financing. In examining the company’s financial statements, the company had positive cash flow between the years of 2011 and 2012 (See Appendix Tables 1 and 2). Because of the success of its leaders’ financial decisions, the company seems to be a viable business.

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