Bullock Gold Mining

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1 page of double-spaced content with 1 reference in APA format. Content from Corporate finance (10th ed.). Written in 2016. Word docx format including charts, tables, and calculations. Written by DBA candidate. 4.0 grade.



The owner of Bullock Gold Mining is evaluating whether he should invest into a new gold mine. An analysis concludes that the new mine site could yield profits for up to eight years (Ross, Westerfield, & Jaffe, 2013). Combined with the results of an additional analysis from the financial advisor, the owner has to determine if the new mine location is a feasible investment.

Assignment Questions
The Bullock Gold Mining mini case ask to provide an analysis of: (a) payback period; (b) internal rate of return; (c) modified rate of return; and (d) new present value of the additional mine location.

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