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    by Dr. Elijah Clark

I’ve been spending months searching for the right computer glasses ever since I first got eye strain. If you don’t know what eye strain is, it’s not just a pain in the eye, but it caused me to see a beam of light that was outweighing anything else in front of me. I couldn’t look at the computer screen or anything for that matter because of it. I found that it was caused by viewing too much artificial light(digital screens). In order to fix, I would have to walk around with sunglsses on for over an hour just so that it would go away. At first I didn’t know what it was, but after research I found that it was common in programmers and video game players. I didn’t pay much attention to it as it happened every few days. It wasn’t until it happened twice within the same day.

The best solution I ran across was getting a pair of gunnar computer glasses. After trying the glasses out for a week, magic happened and I didn’t get any further eye-strain. after taking the glasses off, again comes the eye-strain. I don’t know what they are made of, but somehow they worked.

Either way, they came with a yellow shading on them that is supposed to block computer or digital screen rays. So I had a dilemma. I wanted the glasses, but I couldn’t actually use them for graphics. They do offer clear for graphic artist, but that didn’t help for the extensive programming that I also did, and not only that, but I had become paranoid with catching eye-strain again and I also needed them in prescription and because I have a big head, I needed my own preferred glasses that were comfortable.

My solution? Get a pair of subscription glasses and add a flip to them. This way, I could take the flips off when I wanted to just wear the glasses. And I could also just flip the yellow gunner lenses up and down as needed and still have my prescription with both. 

First, I got a pair of new oakley glasses with my prescription in them. I purchased an additional pair of gunnars so that I could test the flips on. I then went to walmart and purchased a pair of plastic clip-on/flip sunglass lenses. After going home, I removed the walmart lenses(you can burn off the excess) and then added screw holes in the gannars and screwed the gunnar lenses into the flips. 

In addition, I also added a nose removable nose adjuster to the frames to help with the added weight because my preferred frames didn’t already have them.

Problem solved. Now I can have my prescription gunnars when I need them and still do graphics and not have to fear getting eye-strain.

Dr. Elijah Clark

Dr. Elijah Clark

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Dr. Elijah Clark

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