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UPDATE : Just updated the Google Voice extension to work with Firefox Version 10. CLICK HERE to Download. Follow install instructions below.

Thanks for the emails and comments, I actually use Chrome browser more, but I have my reasons, So i’ll try to stay updated with the FF versions. Details below:

This addon allows you to use your Google Voice number to call phone numbers in website pages using a click-2-call feature.

Once downloaded, open it with firefox by going to File > Open

Make sure to sign-in to your Google account by visiting settings from the extension.

You can also CLICK HERE to get the extension.


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  • Hank

    I have to have a Facebook account to get the Fire Fox download? I don’t have a FB account and never will.

  • KC

    Are you even still supporting this? v5.2 released Jan 2012 and nothing since.

  • Bruce Garrison

    Third time in a year I’ve asked this same question. What setting is it that I need to preserve to keep from losing my account info without a response. Is it a cookie? Is it form data? A password? What is it?

    Do you even read this page anymore?

  • Is there any way to get this to work with tel: links?