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Dr. Elijah Clark is a successful Dallas, TX business owner having conducted business coaching and consulting in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Japan. He has also mentored and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and young professionals.





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Dallas Business Coaching Subjects

Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Unique Value Proposition
Key Customer Analysis
Business Risks
Barriers to Entry
Brand Identity
Competitor Comparison
Sales Plan
Cash Flow Assumptions
Website Analysis
Paid Advertisements
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Social Networking
Pricing Strategy
Targeted Consumers’ Budgets
Competitive Facts
Discounted Offerings
Locations and Facilities
Distribution Channels

“As you may already know, just because you start selling, does not mean that people will start buying.”

Dr. Elijah Clark

Your Dallas Business Coach

When working with me, you are working with an experienced Dallas business coach. I not only know the process of effective marketing, but I coach you and your team on how and why the process is necessary. My focus and passion is in educating my clients so that they better understand the process and milestones that we will achieve together.

Most businesses and individuals know what to do, but they just don’t know how to make it happen. What’s next? Where do I start? Can I afford it? Can I do it myself? These are the questions that my coaching presentations answer.

My business coaching engagements are focused on convincing, motivating, or otherwise persuading leaders and businesses to change their beliefs, take an action, or reconsider a decision when dealing with the success of their brand. My goal is to provide you and/or your team with valuable insight and successful methods for producing positive results and high returns on investments.

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Dr. Elijah Clark – Business Coach and Consultant

Sales and Marketing

You know your services are excellent. You’re networking, and you’re attracting plenty of prospects. But, while you’re constantly selling, they are not constantly buying. You’re ready to land more sales, and you can’t figure out what’s going wrong. I will help you and your team develop an effective marketing campaign that is focused and tailored to your clients and prospects.

Getting a product or service in front of a customer, while complex, is not the end of the sale. I can help you create the sale and get the reference for your next sale. From a tactical perspective, I will coach you and your organizational members and supporters on how to identify sales and marketing problems and create a plan of action to address setbacks.

Digital Marketing

With over a decade as an online marketing consultant, I have created hundreds of successful online brands by simply manipulating words on a website, analyzing, and implementing techniques to enhance search engine visibility. My online business coaching will explain the key factors in understanding Search Engine Optimization and how to make it work for you and your business.

I have seen and continue to see businesses and individuals fail at creating successful online marketing strategies. By using my knowledge and education in digital marketing, I teach how not to waste time and resources on campaigns that have no real potential. My digital marketing coaching methods include topics on social media, e-commerce, paid advertisements, web design, optimization, blogging, and email marketing.

Consumer Relationships

A large part of developing a brand or reputation is in understanding exactly how to communicate that message to customers. Your customers are unique, and you need to know what it is that they want, how they want it, when they want it, and how to give it to them. My goal is to help your audience or team understand what customers want and how to put customers’ needs into a language that they understand.

Through gaining a personal relationship with your customers, you are telling them that they matter. The best business is a business that has more repeat and referred customers than new ones. Customer service is about more than putting your logo in their face. It involves you putting a thought in their mind and positive words in their mouths when they speak of you and your brand. I will give you the knowledge to keep your customers satisfied and engaged in the sales process.

Operational Structure

The operational structure is imperative for any developing business as it gives direction and clearness on particular HR issues. Business owners should consider a formal structure in the development phase of their business. A formal framework of an organization’s structure makes it simpler to include new positions in the organization, also, giving a flexible and prepared plan for growth.

Organizational structure enhances operational effectiveness by providing clarity to workers at all levels of an organization. By understanding and addressing issues within the organizational structure, business divisions can work like a well-oiled machine, concentrating time and efforts on profitable projects.

Financial Planning

A financial analysis can assist in the growth of your business weighing the effect of certain decisions, such as borrowing, investing, and hiring. I will analyze your financial data and discover possible weaknesses and problem areas.

A financial analysis can assist your businesses in planning, interpreting trends, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the organizational structure. By conducting market research to develop knowledge of trends in the general economy and your company’s industry, I will form a reasonable estimate of how well the company might fare in the coming years and address concerns that may prohibit the business from achieving success.

Brand Development

I have been fortunate enough to have real-world experience and an education in art and design, Internet marketing, and business administration. I have also developed hundreds of brands for small businesses to large corporations. I know that having the right professional to help build your brand is critical and means that you will end up with a more creative, appealing, and polished project the first time around.

Your brand is essential to how you present your products and services to customers. The brand is the vision and essence of the business. If you desire to grow your brand image or reputation and maintain a strong customer base, it starts with a strong design and brand image. I will teach you and/or your team how to create an effective brand that satisfies the WOW factor and impresses customers into making a purchase or completing a call to action.


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ECA’s most popular speaking subjects include market research trends, digital marketing, social media, consumer behavior, branding, e-commerce, and content management.

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