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    by Dr. Elijah Clark

Developing your identity

Your business’s identity is essential to how you present your products and services to customers.  The identity is the vision and essence of the business, and it’s how the business’s brand will showcase itself. Everything from the business’s attitude to the logo.

Things to consider when creating your brand’s identity:

The brands name, color, logo, and design have to mean something. Research the name and make sure that the domain is available and that the name is not offensive or distasteful (to anyone or any group). Make sure that the colors are easy on the eyes and work well online or on print material. If you are unsure of what looks good for your brand, ask a friend, colleague, family member, or best of all, a total stranger for their honest opinion.

Dr. Elijah Clark

Dr. Elijah Clark

Elijah is a business management consultant. He writes about business marketing, development, branding, technology, and how to develop and use marketing strategies and techniques effectively.
Dr. Elijah Clark

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