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iPhone 6 Review – First Thoughts

My first thought was, “wow,” this looks nice. Then I went to set it up and after it was all done, I looked at it […]

We tried to reconfirm ownership of your…

We tried to reconfirm ownership of your old site ( ) and failed. Make sure your verification token is present, and try again. Got […]

Remove / Delete Powered by JomSocial Link 2014

login to ftp go to components > com_community > helpers open to edit file azure.php delete the content within the ‘ ‘ – you should […]

Why or do I need to add a copyright to my website?

I did something different this time around when I built my website. When looking at the footer and how to design and what to add […]

11 Landing Page Must Haves

The ability to pass the 3-5 second blink test. Meaning, will someone after looking at the land page remember what is being offered and why […]

TV Advertising Effective, Not. 25 Websites That Cannot Measure It.

Television still remains a strong branding medium, but it lacks measurability when standalone homepage URLs are used. Oh sure, Nielsen can provide past commercial audience […]

Philosophy Of A Website For Visitors

Website visitors want clear immediate direction on what they should do once your website is pulled. Wordy text, meaningless graphics, and multiple differing calls to […]

12 Online Ingredients That Convert Buyers

Intersecting with your website visitors expectations is no easy task, and getting those visitors to buy is a zigzag. There is not magic formula, and […]

Remove Powered by Komento

Powered by Komento – here is how to remove yet another powered by link on the joomla commenting component “Komento” free version. – FTP > […]

Social Reviews Dos and Don’ts

The don’ts: Recently I received a private email from someone who befriended me about two years back on FaceBook. Bear in mind that I have […]