Dallas Business Consultant Elijah ClarkDallas Business Consultant Elijah Clark
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Business Planning Leader & Mentor

A mentor and adviser to entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and young professionals.

Optimizing Your Business

Together with my team at Elijah Clark & Associates, I partner with overwhelmed entrepreneurs, managers, and employees to help them win at work and lead with confidence.

Proven Success

I’m a multi-business owner, husband, dad, Air Force veteran, and author with more than a decade of professional experience in strategy and international business development.

Completing the Puzzle

My consulting and speaking processes focus on deciphering market trends, consumer insight, and knowing the growth potential of your business.

“I enjoy what I do, which is find problems. I turn over rocks and kick down trees to uncover the unnoticed, ignored, and unforeseen issues preventing businesses from being successful.”

Dr. Elijah Clark, DBA

High-level strategies to build positive relationships with your customers.

Management and Leadership

Reputation Management

Customer Relationships

Marketing and Advertising

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Hi, I'm Elijah Clark

I have personally experienced what it’s like to build a successful and failing brand and I’ve seen trends and innovation destroy businesses. My experiences have taught me that nothing is more important than planning for success. Ideas are great, but without a plan or strategy an idea is destined for failure.

In addition to helping business professionals succeed, my favorite wins are at home—I’m happily married to my wife Anastasia, and we have 2 boys, Malachi and Elisha. I was a work from home dad for over 6 years where I enjoyed raising and spending time with my sons.

My educational and work history include brand development, digital marketing, business management, and logistical operations in the U.S. Air Force.

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8 out of 10 businesses fail. Success is in the planning, not the idea

My belief is that your business should be a success before you spend a dollar or ask for funds.

Business ideas fail:

  • When there is a lack of market understanding.
  • When there is no real unique product or service value.
  • When the business is not communicated clearly.

Before starting or growing a business, it’s paramount to research the industry and make certain that you are going to generate a profit, prior to launching your campaign.

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Dr. Elijah Clark, DBA


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