Information Systems Development

When it comes to accomplishing information technology (IT) task within an organization, there is the option of insourcing, selfsourcing, and outsourcing. Insourcing means to use individuals within the organization to complete the task. Selfsourcing is using system supports by knowledge workers. Outsourcing is when an organization chooses to use third party companies or individuals to […]

Electronic Commerce Decisions

B2B and B2C refer to Internet commerce businesses that sell products or services to the end customer (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B). B2B and B2C customers should be marketed to uniquely. Organizations should find the key points in which they operate so they may effectively identify business exchanges through e-commerce. E-commerce may be implemented […]

Frameworks and Strategies

Michael Porter defines overall cost leadership as producing a same or better quality product for the consumer at a better value. The company that I work for offers marketing, branding, and media services to consumers. My role within the company is as the marketing manager. We consider our prices to be aligned based on industry […]

Local Search Optimization

This article starts by introducing the reader to a two-part search marketing formula known as global search. This two part formula consist of anchor text and authority. The author includes that anchor text and authority still do matter when it comes to geographical specific searches. The overall concept is “If you can win the authority […]

Example Website Business Plan

CompanyEC is an interactive recruitment marketing company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Minnetonka Minnesota. This company utilizes interactive marketing and technology to help its clients find better, engage better and know better candidates activities through multiple channels of recruiting. The goal of the company is to help businesses find better job recruits at an […]

The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture

In this blog, I investigated how the role of leadership effects organizational health, culture, and follower perception. I further evaluated how the style of leadership can influence employee attitude and productivity. It has been found that leaders can be developed from within organizations and if leaders can learn to use their leadership powers for positive […]

Copyrights and File Sharing

My Opinion on P2P Filesharing File sharing was designed to be an innocent practice of “networks [offering] new singers, bands and movie makers the opportunity to showcase their work free of charge to the public. [In addition,] computer games could be tested before going onto the market. Bugs could be fixed and the product perfected.” (The Pirate Bay, 2010) Today, if […]

Full Sail University Brand Image

I’m a graduate of Full Sail University. I enjoyed earning my graduate degree in internet marketing from the University. Just for fun, I’ve created a brand image campaign with the school as the case study. Real world experience – Beyond simple education – Full Sail University creates a unique environment that prepares its students for real world experiences. Students are provided the same software and hardware that is used […]

Consequences of Ethical Decision Making

In this blog, I evaluate organizational ethics and how they affect businesses dealing with ethical dilemmas. Within this paper, I summarize how American Express leaders failed to influence their subsidiaries with their ethical standards, and I evaluate the results of the unethical behavior. I further analyze American Express’s Chief Executive Operator and how he views […]