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Google Voice – Firefox 4.0 Extension Addon

This is the extension built by Chad Smith. I have just updated it to work with the latest versions of Firefox. This addon allows you to use your Google Voice number to call phone numbers in website pages using a click-2-call feature. Only works in firefox version 4 and under.

Once downloaded, open it with firefox by going to File>Open

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Joomla Phoca Gallery 2.8 – Remove Powered by Phoca Gallery

Images View

starting at line 687 = return “div style=“tex’…
remove the entire open to close div tags
should now read: return ‘ ’;

Categories View

components/com_phocagaller y/views/categories/tmpl/default.php.
starting at line 11. $tmpl[‘def’] = ‘Power’.’ed by …
remove the entire open to close div tags
should now read: return: $tmpl[‘def’] = ‘ ‘;

ARTiO Joomsef 3.9.2. Remove Powered By;

Remove powered by “Joomla SEO powered by JoomSEF“

  1. Login to your FTP
  2. Go to folder “components”
  3. Go to “com_sef” > open joomsef.php file to edit
  4. Go to line “2534” – or search for $cacheBuf2
  5. Remove open to closed div content after $cacheBuf2 =
  6. Should read $cacheBuf2=‘ ‘;
  7. Done

11 Landing Page Must Haves

  1. The ability to pass the 3-5 second blink test. Meaning, will someone after looking at the land page remember what is being offered and why it is being offered?
  2. A gripping headline with clear and concise messaging that draws the visitor in.
  3. Because visuals are understood faster than text, infographic(s) or image(s) must be relevant as well as persuasive. In other words, the graphics must match so that an offer becomes tangible.
  4. lear targeted copy, free of garble goop, and irresistible. Put another way, the content copy has to entice a visitor to take action.
  5. No unnecessary navigation because once visitors notice it, it will distract them from following through with a desired action.
  6. Forms need to be easy, clear, and designed to encourage fill me. Only ask a visitor to supply what is necessary to follow-up.
  7. Don’t forget to include social share icons; however, the quality of the content will determine if it is deemed worthy to be shared by a visitor. In other words, poor content will not be socially shared.
  8. Make the privacy policy easily accessible because visitors are entitled to know what someone is going to do with their information.
  9. The submit button should scream a strong call-to-action, and don’t forget that the color of the button matters as well.
  10. Do display valid testimonials and third party seals of approval near key areas. Keep in mind that the bottom of the page may not be optimal.
  11. Have a unique “Thank You” page for each landing page that conveys assurances for why the visitor had to supply information, and provide access to what is being offer. It is here where links can be provided to other sections of the website.