Dallas Business Consultant Elijah ClarkDallas Business Consultant Elijah Clark

Color Sound Off

Color is visual. It affects your mood, humor, and triggers cognitive meaning for website visitors. The colors you select for your website should not be your preferred dearest colors. Why? Because, those colors could be any number a visitors bête noire. When deciding upon what color palate to advantage,
here are helpful pointers:
  • Purpose three colors
    • Predominate
    • Marginal
    • Action
  • Frame your brand’s context with color
  • Test your color palate for RGB consistency

Treat your colors no differently than you would your keywords.

A balanced recipe equals impact. In other words, colors lend hand in convincing your website visitor your website has what he or she is in search of.

To sum up, your website colors should not be short on:

  • Brand differentiation
  • Hammering desired action(s)
  • Optimizing conversion

    My Custom Computer Glasses

    I’ve been spending months searching for the right computer glasses ever since I first got eye strain. If you don’t know what eye strain is, it’s not just a pain in the eye, but it caused me to see a beam of light that was outweighing anything else in front of me. I couldn’t look at the computer screen or anything for that matter because of it. I found that it was caused by viewing too much artificial light(digital screens). In order to fix, I would have to walk around with sunglsses on for over an hour just so that it would go away. At first I didn’t know what it was, but after research I found that it was common in programmers and video game players. I didn’t pay much attention to it as it happened every few days. It wasn’t until it happened twice within the same day.

    The best solution I ran across was getting a pair of gunnar computer glasses. After trying the glasses out for a week, magic happened and I didn’t get any further eye-strain. after taking the glasses off, again comes the eye-strain. I don’t know what they are made of, but somehow they worked.

    Either way, they came with a yellow shading on them that is supposed to block computer or digital screen rays. So I had a dilemma. I wanted the glasses, but I couldn’t actually use them for graphics. They do offer clear for graphic artist, but that didn’t help for the extensive programming that I also did, and not only that, but I had become paranoid with catching eye-strain again and I also needed them in prescription and because I have a big head, I needed my own preferred glasses that were comfortable.

    My solution? Get a pair of subscription glasses and add a flip to them. This way, I could take the flips off when I wanted to just wear the glasses. And I could also just flip the yellow gunner lenses up and down as needed and still have my prescription with both. 

    First, I got a pair of new oakley glasses with my prescription in them. I purchased an additional pair of gunnars so that I could test the flips on. I then went to walmart and purchased a pair of plastic clip-on/flip sunglass lenses. After going home, I removed the walmart lenses(you can burn off the excess) and then added screw holes in the gannars and screwed the gunnar lenses into the flips. 

    In addition, I also added a nose removable nose adjuster to the frames to help with the added weight because my preferred frames didn’t already have them.

    Problem solved. Now I can have my prescription gunnars when I need them and still do graphics and not have to fear getting eye-strain.

    Do i need a website?

    Having a Website
    Ask yourself, “Does my business need 24-hour exposure 7 days a week, 365 days a year?” The answer is obvious. What other medium allows you to expose all the benefits of your business to your target market at their convenience and provide a source of direct correspondence from them to you? The benefits of a website are innumerable.

    Gaining Site Traffic
    There are two ways to gain customers for your website or business. The first way is to pay for it. You could easily pay a marketer or advertiser or SEO company and gain customers that way. The other way is to earn your customers. This is the way that I believe works best and I practice myself and teach it to my students and customers.

    With earning customers, you have to get to know them. you have to know where they go. Know which websites they visit or local events they attend. This doesn’t just consist of putting your name and a business card in these locations, but it involves you interacting with them and finding a true understanding of what it is that they desire from a company such as your own.


    Building Process
    I build websites that aren’t just for my customers, but my goal is to build it for my customers customers. I research their industry and I focus on making sure that they are going to gain customers. Some designers build simply for themselves or they build for their customers. By building for my customers customers, it allows me to target who is actually going to be viewing the website. I don’t design for just looks, but I design for a purpose and for a target audience. This is were many designers fail. They fail to realize that its not their website and its not their clients website, but it’s a website for the clients users. If the users don’t like the colors, then no matter what the business owner or designer may think, those colors need to be changed. When building a website the designer and business owner need to focus on the customers wants and not their own.

    Internet Marketing
    The reason that you as a business owner needs to market is because while you may have a great website or graphic design piece, without placing this work within your potential customers reach, you are losing business.

    Here is how it works. Think of your website or art work as a resume. With this resume you spend hours or days writing it up to perfection and years building it through experience and education. After you’ve gotten your resume to perfection, what next? Whats the next step to making sure that you land that dream job? The answer is marketing. You have to market yourself in order to gain the employer.

    A bad resume with good marketing has a better chance of landing the employer, than a good resume with no marketing. Without marketing, you’ve just wasted years on creating a great resume for no reason at all.

    Professionally Built
    The question that should be asked when building a website is; does my website compete with my competitors and does it target my users. If you don’t have your website built by a designer who understands the industry, then the answer is likely to be no. You need to keep in mind when building your website that it needs to represent you and your business. If it looks cheap, then so does your business. If you try to cut corners, your customers will know. Its better to have no website at all then a website that looks terribly built and represents you in a negative way.

    My Mission
    My mission is to create successful customers through educating them and providing them a masterpiece design. I don’t plan to design sloppy or cheap works and I don’t plan to cut corners. if you’re looking for the best person to handle the job, who values integrity, who has experience, who understands the industry and who knows how to create a great internet marketing plan for your company, then that is what I can give you. Its my mission to make sure that you and your company are successful within the online community.