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Market Research & Business Consultant

There are large agencies, and then there is me, the guy contracted by those marketing and research agencies to develop your business goals, find growth opportunities, and increase your exposure.

In addition to being a market research and business consultant, I am a husband, dad, military veteran, student for life, and author with over a decade of building successful business marketing strategies.

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~ I’m an expert in doing the hard research ~

Specialization Areas

As a successful business owner and considering my background that includes a bachelor’s in digital art & design, master’s in Internet marketing, and a doctoral study relating to business marketing and consumer behavior, I am able to offer services in the following areas:

Market Research

Strategy Development

Digital Marketing

Training & Coaching

~ Everything you need to know and grow ~

Market Research and Strategies

Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Unique Value Proposition
Key Customer Analysis
Business Risks
Barriers to Entry
Brand Identity
Competitor Comparison
Sales Plan
Cash Flow Assumptions
Website Analysis
Paid Advertisements
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Social Networking
Pricing Strategy
Targeted Consumers’ Budgets
Competitive Facts
Discounted Offerings
Locations and Facilities
Distribution Channels

~ Change what you think you know ~

Misguided Perceptions

“Only 32% of businesses have a documented marketing strategy or plan. If businesses develop a strategy to properly understand their target audience, they will not only drive leads, but will also increase sales.”


~ That piece that you’re missing ~

What Agencies Won't Tell You

Most agencies won’t put in the extra work for your business and instead recycle and outsource the same tasks and ideas from previous clients to develop your “custom” plan of action.

I know that every business needs a unique plan. What works for your competitor may not work for you. My marketing strategies are custom-made to fit the needs and goals of your particular business.

~ Planning every move ~

The Secret Sauce

A market research analysis can help make projections based on facts and data rather than assumptions. If you can conduct a good analysis, you will be clear on what’s next for your business.

“As you may already know, just because you start selling, does not mean that people will start buying.”

Elijah Clark

~ The right starting point ~

Don't Forget The Paperwork!

The resources, time, and finances you spend on developing a plan and complete analysis will come back to you many times over in dollars earned and failures avoided.

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Marketing Strategies

My marketing strategies are designed to guide you, your team, or my team through the steps of optimizing and incorporating techniques relating to market trends, social status, and growth opportunities.

Investor Pitch Deck

If you’re raising funds for your business, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component. A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business.

Business Plans & White Papers

The whitepapers that I author include 20-50 pages of content (or an eBook) consisting of methodologies to enhance your business, educate your readers, and strategies to help implement your marketing goals.

~ If you don’t, you’re competitors will ~

Everything Digital

Online content marketing in 2015 generated 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

60% of all Internet activity in the US originates from mobile devices, and about half of all traffic on the Internet flows through mobile apps.

My digital marketing efforts help to ensure that your business is positioned to connect with the right audience no matter where they are.

Google Certified Partner
AdWords Analytics E-Commerce
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~ The only requirement is your idea ~

Brand & Digital Analysis


  • Corporate Identity
  • Inserts & Newsletters
  • Magazine & Catalogs
  • Flyers & Promotional Art


  • Web Development
  • Structure & Coding
  • Usability & CTA
  • System Tools & Databases


  • Display Advertising
  • Reputation
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation

Market Research Techniques

Case Studies

For developing unique marketing strategies, I often conduct research using a case study. A case study is particularly valuable for exploring real-world situations. This method of research also allows me to analyze in-depth explorations of unique scenarios.

Focus Groups

Focus groups offer resources to seek legitimate feedback, conduct beta testing, and evaluate consumers’ perceptions through real-time reviews. Focus groups are ideal for acquiring data for measuring status and trends.


After interviewing participants, I analyze and assess the collected data before developing your plan or strategy. I use semi-structured qualitative interviews as they are most beneficial for generating trustworthy and reliable results.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method used which allows me to compare multiple versions of marketing or advertising campaigns. Based on the results of the better performing campaign, a marketing strategy is developed, edited, or revised to align with the marketing goals.

Big Data Mining

I analyze big data datasets using SPSS and Excel to identify patterns of consumer behaviors. Sources of data mining often include current consumer data, web blogs, forums, wikis, and social media, which are ideal for mining data and generating accurate results.


Observations allow for a more focused collection process. I often observe study participants for a specified amount of time in real-world situations. Additionally, I use this research technique to evaluate your business and employees to determine roles and responsibilities.

~ Speaking and training ~

Experienced & Proven Results

My most popular speaking subjects include market research trends, digital marketing, social media, consumer behavior, branding, e-commerce, and content management.

I also offer services in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • In-House Team Training
  • Speaking Engagements
  • One-on-One Coaching

~ I look forward to working with you ~

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