What is your business marketing message?

The marketing message is the heart of a marketing plan. It details the company’s plan for the market materials, how the company plans to achieve its marketing goals, and the tactics that will be used to meet them. The marketing message determines how the company wants to communicate its message to the customer. When creating […]

Automatic Change Matrix Generator

Hey everyone, in this new video I show you how to create a change matrix report using Macros in Word 2016. Below the video I have included links to the Macro files for your convenience. Hope you enjoy! Copy and paste the text into your Macro – 2 Macros below – First is for Change […]

Projecting your business revenue

Projects profit & Loss The profit and loss statement (also known as the “income statement”) is the most common of the standard financial reports that bankers and investors will expect to see in a business plan. It shows the revenue, the expenses, and the net profit or “bottom line.” Projected balance sheet The balance sheet […]

Creating financials for your business

Sales plan The sales plan is designed to reach new customers. The plan is the process used to close the deals that the marketing plan opens. The sales plan explains how salespersons are rewarded or commissioned, how orders are processed and tracked, and how the business keeps in contact with the customer throughout the sales […]

Building a website

The Building Process When having a website built for your business, make sure to build it for your customers and not for yourself. Research your industry and focus on making sure that you are going to gain customers. Some designers build simply for themselves, or they build for the client. By building for your customers, […]

Why your business goals need milestones

Milestones cover the business’s major events and achievements that need to occur to keep the strategy on track for success. Milestone events are strategically important for your business and provides an outline of dates as to when the events should take place. When developing milestones, have in order: Name of the task / goal Due […]

Ways to use social media marketing

Social Media Marketing A social media marketing strategy is mostly used for creating an online presence within micro-blogging networks such as Facebook and Twitter for your business. By using an online platform such as Twitter and Facebook, it allows for your business to promote the brand’s name by blogging updates about the business as well […]

What to know about e-commerce

E-commerce Effectiveness Electronic commerce or e-commerce helps to produce sales and operate a product-driven online retail store. To create an effective e-commerce plan, you need to analyze the customer experience from start to the final sales transaction. An e-commerce website is a great way to deliver and display information about your company and the products […]

Why your business should be social networking

Social Networking Strategies Social networking gives your business the opportunity to achieve/communicate brand awareness and online sales by using social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. It also defines strategies useful for networking and communicating effectively with social customers. Use social media to: Increasing brand recognition Improve brand loyalty Generate […]

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Improve Your Website Value Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques should be implemented to help improve the value of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Approaches to SEO include strategies to achieve conversion goals, such as addressing website architecture and content. What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is about optimizing your website to […]