Market growth potential

Know Your Potential Knowing your market growth potential can enhance the implied value of your business if you are prepared. Market growth examines where the market for a business is going and whether it is moving in a different direction from where it has been. It also defines how the business can use its strengths […]

Professionally built website

Professionally Built If you’re unsure if you website is good enough for your business, you need to ask yourself; does my website compete with my competitors and does it target my users. If you don’t have your website built by a designer who understands your industry, then the answer is likely to be, “no.” You need to […]

Knowing your market needs and trends

Market Needs The market needs help to compare your business and its product or service with the competition in regards to customer experience. Allowing your business to strategically cater to the customers’ market needs. From the customers’ perspective, you need to have answered, what problem does your business solve? What does your business offer that […]

Knowing your target market

Finding Your Customer Understanding your target market can help you identify the wants and needs of each of your target customer groups. Knowing your target market will help in examining the types of potential customers, the primary market, and which other markets are worth pursuing. Evaluate the below questions and build yourself a solid foundation […]

Know your competitors

A Competitor Comparison Completing a competitor comparison will help you better understand what you do well versus what your competition does well, what they do better, and what is unique and different about their product/service. The comparison can help showcase what makes your business stand out from its competition. Being in business means competing to […]

Building your brand identity

Developing your identity Your business’s identity is essential to how you present your products and services to customers.  The identity is the vision and essence of the business, and it’s how the business’s brand will showcase itself. Everything from the business’s attitude to the logo. Things to consider when creating your brand’s identity: Brand name […]

Creating a digital marketing strategy

Developing a Strategy When developing a marketing strategy for your business, make sure that it includes an assessment of your desired market, focusing on the market size (volume and value), customer segments, sales projection, regulations, target market, competition, economic conditions, and includes an exit strategy. A marketing strategy should include feedback from a variety of […]

Building a SWOT analysis for your business

SWOT Analysis Your business should have a SWOT analysis that helps investigate its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In a Strategic Plan, a SWOT helps determine the best opportunities to pursue to achieve growth goals. It aides in identifying which strengths must be developed in the near future to improve the business. When creating a […]