Matching user personas to Adwords campaign

Competitive: Professional Web Design Beat out your competition. Build a successful online brand. The competitive persona will be looking for a company that knows what they are doing. This ad shows that we are a professional company and we know how to help them get to the top of their industry. Humanistic: Affordable Web Design Stay connected with your […]

Resources for Understanding Occupational/Organizational Stress

Stafyla, A., Kaltsidou, G., & Spyridis, N. (2013). Gender differences in work stress, related to organizational conflicts and organizational constrains: An empirical research. International Journal Of Economic Sciences & Applied Research, 6(1), 91-101. The author of this study explains that stress is normal and routine within workplaces. The study was conducted of 231 Greek adults […]

Newsletter/e-marketing technique

Coming up with a newsletter/e-marketing technique depends on your website. If the website is an informative website, members will signup to receive information or articles. If it’s a service based website or a website that sells products, users will sign up to receive product specials and new products coming. If it’s an employment opportunity website, members […]

Google’s Ad Rank program & Quality Score

Google’s Ad Rank program is designed to display the most relevant ad content to its users and to provide an equal system that benefits both the user and the advertiser. This Ad Rank system is controlled by the advertisers ad quality. The ad quality is determined by the websites click through rate (CTR) and ad relevancy to landing page content and keywords used. Ad Rank works so that users gain satisfaction through seeing […]

Strategy Contents

Contents Table of contents so that investors can quickly find the information they are looking for. Introduction [Background] [Summary of financial needs] Executive Summary [Company information] [Market opportunity] Benefits to the Community Economic Development [Describe jobs created by the business] [How will purchases for the business help other local businesses?] [Any additional information] Community Development […]

Google Ad – A/B testing

Most people who do A/B testing are never truly giving their testing ad a full chance at achieving its best possible results. Furthermore, without testing the ad properly, these individuals or companies may ultimately lose money, time and potentially reject a successful ad that just never had the chance to prove itself successful due to the lack of owner knowledge. In addition to the explanation of failed […]

Selling the Vision

A vision is common in most major leadership theories and it can be defined as an end-state or description of the future (Ilies, Judge, & Wagner, 2006). Visions are generally focused on building innovation and creating change (Ilies, Judge, & Wagner, 2006; James, & Lahti, 2011). Visions are considered to represent idealized future states of […]

Working With SEO

In order to create a successful search engine optimized (SEO) website, the designer must be sure that the website is well put together. In creating this website, the designer must first be sure that the website is appealing to the user and that the site is easily navigable. The way to create the proper architecture […]

Evolving Consumer Behavior – Case Study

CompanyEC’s (CEC) current marketing plan is not currently aimed at engaging the online consumer behaviors identified in the Meet the Connected Consumer study. The reason for this is not that CEC finds these studies irrelevant. It’s due to CEC simply not having the strongest of marketing plans. Currently, the marketing plan is to create backlinks mainly within forums and blogs […]